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About US

peshawar zALMI

Peshawar Zalmi is not merely a franchise based in the provincial capital,
but also an epitome of valour, zest and zeal among people of this nation.
In the north-western part of the country, the word ‘Zalmi’ stands
for youth – the part of the country where the state of exuberance
among people is irrepressible, the concept of endothermy is long extinct
and the blood running down is boiling hot.
Peshawar has had its fair share of distress in the past, but that has
changed of late. Peshawar Zalmi has come to the fore and has
spearheaded the cricketing fan base in the city; the same city which used
to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, not that long ago.

Zalmi Force

THE Awakening OF

Peshawar Zalmi aspires to be innovative but with responsibility, services to Pakistan and humanity. We believe youth can steer the process of innovation, service and betterment of present and future generations. However, the pre-requisites are social cohesion among youth, provision of opportunities and platforms to youth to show case their talent and reorganization of achievements of youth. Unfortunately, there is huge gap between the aspirations of youth and opportunities and platforms.



Peshawar Zalmi is coming to bridge this gap with idea of “Zalmi Force”. We are launching a nationwide drive to create a platform for youth, which will lead to creation of opportunities for the youth. The platform will be place of ideas, dreams, knowledge and opportunities. It will be state of the art platform to create linkages worldwide and two-way learning. Join us to explore your dreams. Join us to materialize your ideas. Lead us to innovation. Become the voice of sustainable development for Pakistan and humanity

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